Felting Knitting

Slippers2_vsmallYou’ve still got plenty of time to knit something for Fathers day on Sunday 19th June!

You can enjoy a 15% discount on my Felted Slippers pattern until midnight tonight. They come in two men’s sizes: Small/medium, measuring approx 25cm and Medium/Large, measuring 29cm long.

Felting knitting can be a bit daunting, because it is by nature a bit unpredictable. Washing machines vary, your pre-felting tension might vary and even using the same washing machine twice might produce different results depending on how it moves around within the machine.

Slippers4_croppedBut don’t fear! If something felted doesn’t come out exactly right – there is a lot you can do after felting. For starters – if it doesn’t felt enough – just put it back in the machine! If it hasn’t felted at all it might be that you’ve used the wrong temperature – so double check the pattern. Another mistake may be putting the knitting through on a delicate or wool cycle. In order to felt well, you need heat, moisture and agitation. Delicate and wool cycles have less agitation, so even if the temperature is the same your knitting will felt less or not at all. If you’re sure you got everything correct but it still hasn’t felted enough – put it back in at the same temperature for a second time. If you go for a higher temperature you risk it felting too much!

If it comes out too small – don’t panic! When it comes out of the machine it will still have a lot of give so you will be able to stretch/re-shape. I normally get prepared before putting something in the machine to wash. With the Felted Slippers I prepared two pieces of stiff card to slot into the cuff section to ensure they would be the same size & shape.

I stuffed the foot sections with scrunched up magazines – but if you have the feet that will be wearing the slippers then that would be best! Wearing damp slippers doesn’t sound like much fun – but it’s a wonderful way to shape felted slippers to size. Simply put plastic bags on your feet to keep them dry and wear/walk around in the slippers for an evening. They will mould to your feet and fit like a glove.

The Felted Slippers are the second pattern in my Men’s Spring/Summer Collection and if you’re looking for a quick knit for Fathers day- check out my Tweed Tie pattern which is also available as a kit.


There are two more Men’s Collection patterns to come on Friday 3rd June and Friday 10th June – so make sure you’re following me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to see the new patterns and get a bargain 15% off if you buy them in the first weekend!


4 thoughts on “Felting Knitting

  1. Hi, i just bought the Felted Slippers pattern and for the sole, you say to increase every 4th row x 3 and every 8th row x 2 . That doesn’t come up to 22 sts but 20 sts. Right? Please explain.


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