Me Made May 2016


I’ve really enjoyed taking part in Me Made May and have loved looking at everyone else’s pictures throughout May!

It’s really inspired me to get sewing – especially after seeing my friend Rosie’s lovely hand-sewn dress (above) and following NettyNot’s progress and her new makes. I’d love to take part in the challenge again next year and hopefully include a hand-sewn dress or two!

I invested in a selfie stick so that I could take better pictures of my outfits – and discovered a love of group selfies! I might have to get a few workshop selfies!

My main aims were to wear my hand-knits more and to try and find a new love for the old knits that had drifted to the bottom of the drawer. I was surprised how easy it was for most of the month and discovered that I do already wear a lot of my knits without thinking about it. It did however make me think about what I wear with my knits and made me look at my wardrobe as a whole and have a bit of a sort out!

My main enjoyment from the challenge came from re-discovering old knits and finding new outfit combinations that I hadn’t even thought about! I’d stopped wearing my little green top (below) because it’s a bit short and snug around the tummy – but it’s perfect under a pinafore dress! All the knits below will now be worn more regularly thanks to thinking more about what I wear during Me Made May.

There are some casualties though! The knits below either don’t fit, I’m uncomfortable in them or I just don’t like! I love the fair-isle tunic, but it’s really unflattering. I made the top one size smaller than the bottom – but it’s still tight on the bottom and baggy around the waist and top. It’s such a waste to not wear it! So I’m either going to take in the sides somehow or turn it into a tank top. Watch this space!

The grey cardigan is knitted in Rowan Lima and has grown and grown to the point where it’s unwearable because it falls off my shoulders. It’s a bit scruffy anyway – because I felted it a bit in the wash in an attempt to get it to fit better! I’m planning to run some bias binding around the inside of the neckline and hopefully it will then be wearable.

The strange teal shrug type thing never gets worn and I feel really uncomfortable in it – so I’ve decided to rescue the yarn and knit something else!

The black jumper is a fairly new knit and a perfect example of why I tend to avoid raglan sleeves. I have very square shoulders so the slope of a raglan doesn’t sit well on me and I spend the whole day readjusting it. The blue and brown cardigans are much older and I just don’t feel comfortable in them so they don’t get worn.

It’s so difficult to get rid of hand-knits but part of my challenge was to get rid of the bits I don’t wear, so it must be done! I’ll find a good home for them and it was nice to wear them one last time during Me Made May.

Did you join in Me Made May? Are you planning to next year?

4 thoughts on “Me Made May 2016

  1. Such beautiful knits! 😀 I love the adorable pink slippers ❤ Do you have the pattern for them?
    Now there's room for new knits 🙂 it's always great to have wardrobes sorted out from time to time. Looking forward to see the end result with the fair-isle tunic, the pattern is beautiful.


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