A Little Rest

20160605_151300.jpgThis time last year I wrote a blog about having a holiday from my phone. I absolutely love my job – but I still need a bit of downtime now and then!

This year more than ever I’ve been feeling the need to get away. I love working at home and I have a little office I can close the door on which helps me to keep a good work/life balance. But with Beardie also working at home a lot while he finishes his MSC, home has very much become a place of work. I’ve been escaping into the garden more and more – but a few nights in a glamping pod with our own little area of woodland was just what we needed!

I didn’t intend to take a full phone holiday this time – but Norfolk had different ideas and a lack of reception meant I was off the radar for a few days! I did however have a rest from knitting/crochet to help my achy wrists and thumbs recover a bit. I’ve been meaning to have a weekend off knitting for ages but that’s difficult because I love it so much! A mini-holiday was the perfect opportunity for a rest.

So we walked, talked, read, cycled, ate (a lot), made fire in our chiminea, pootled around walled gardens and met sheep, pheasants, deer and ducklings!

We also discovered the finest collection of beach huts I’ve ever seen at Wells-next-the-sea!

I’m feeling lovely and rested and looking forward to seeing some of you at Woolfest soon! x

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