Steve Sheep


Shuggie Sheep first shot to fame at Yarndale in Sept last year. He’s a squishy, cuddly sheep and the lovely people of Yarndale couldn’t resist him!

But fame comes at a price. And after seeing all the attention Shuggie was getting –  Steve the Black Sheep (Shuggie’s long lost cousin) has come out of the woodwork looking for his moment in the limelight.

You can probably tell from his startled expression above that this is worrying Shuggie greatly. But being such a lovely sheep – he’s taking it all in his stride and has agreed to let Steve come along to Woolfest with us this week!

We’re not going to give Steve the media attention he so desperately craves, so he won’t be available online – just as a limited edition knit kit at Woolfest (and Yarndale if we have any left!).


See you at Woolfest! x

8 thoughts on “Steve Sheep

  1. Hi Jem

    I bought the kit for Shuggie at Yarndale last year and he is insisting that I buy the kit for Steve too.

    Unfortunately I can’t make Woolfest as we are in Cornwall on holiday, but I will be going to Yarndale. Would you be able to save a Steve for me? I can pay you via PayPal straight away, or over the phone when we get back from holiday on the 27th and collect at Yarndale in September?

    Yours hopefully


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    1. Hello Marjorie
      Hope you’re having a lovely time in Cornwall!
      I’ve had quite a few people ask me to save Steve’s and I would love to say yes but that would leave me with very few for Woolfest – sorry! I will get in touch if I do have any left after Woolfest.
      But… he is the same pattern as Shuggie in different colours (Panda 093 in the fur and Buckden 364 in fine tweed)…so you could get a headstart before Yarndale! 🙂 xx


    2. Hello Marjorie
      I have a few Steve’s left after Woolfest! If you’d still like one email me via the contact page and I’ll get that sorted. Steve’s a bit annoyed…Shuggie was more popular than him! x


    1. Hello Gail
      Are you coming on the Sat? Hopefully I’ll have some left but I’m afraid it’s first come first served! Get to me early on stand J198. I’ve got plenty of Shuggie kits and he’s feeling a little jealous…x


  2. Steve says thanks for all the love!x (Shuggie”s jealous…)
    A few people have asked me to save Steve kits for them, and I would love to say yes – but as they’re limited edition I’m afraid they will be first come first served at Woolfest …so get to me as soon as you can on stand J198! And I promise I’ll have some exciting new things at Yarndale too 😉 Xx


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