Summer Hibernation


It’s that time of year where I retreat into hibernation! With very few workshops during the summer months, I make the most of having time at home to get ready for the knitting season ahead.

I’m busy knitting up samples for new patterns which will launch in time for Yarndale. And even more excitingly – I’m preparing a knit-along for 2017, which you will be able to sign up for from late September. I can’t wait to tell you more about that!

And of course I’ve also been making the most of the sunny days and working in the garden (when it’s not been too hot or rainy!).

I love reading whilst knitting in the garden – although it does slow me down a bit. I’ve joined a book group where we’ve read The Girl With All The Gifts which gave me nightmares and The Song of Achilles which I thought had a good beginning and end but a bit boring in the middle! We’re now reading Us by David Nichols which I’ve read before so I’m re-reading for a re-cap. I think I’m enjoying it more this time because I haven’t spent the first half of the book lamenting the fact that it’s not One Day! It’s very different to One Day but still good.

In between book club books I’ve also re-read Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials trilogy. This is my comfort blanket book that I always go back to if I’m not sure what to read. I think it’s my fourth read and I’m sure it won’t be my last!

I hope you’re enjoying the summer so far, whether you’re hibernating or holidaying or staring dreamily out of the window! x

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