Capsule Summer Knits Wardrobe


Living in England, I don’t have much need for summer clothes! We get a week or two each summer where it’s safe to leave the house without a cardie or jumper. This means I often end up knitting more winter garments – but we do have a lot of ‘in between’ weather, where a cover-up is definitely needed but it’s too warm for anything woolly.

After taking part in Me Made May, Ive been looking at my wardrobe differently. Instead of knitting things because I’ve fallen in love with the image – I’m thinking more about the outfits I wear the most and feel comfortable in and what I can knit to go with them.

I really struggle to find trousers that fit so I mostly live in skirts and dresses, with the occasional pair of stretchy jeans! So I’ve got in mind a few things that would fit in with my Summer/’in between’ weather wardrobe and have linked to my favourite wearable summer knits below.

I love floral summer dresses with long comfy cardigans over the top. It makes the outfit more casual and is essential for a summer day in the UK! I’m currently knitting a long winter cardie and would love a cotton version too. The image at the top is Calico by Kim Hargreaves and the three images above are Jane by Sarah Hatton, Wilder by Kim Hargreaves and Lessing by Martin Storey. I’m veering towards Wilder – and I do have a cowboy hat so I just need to find a grassy field to pose in!

A lot of my dresses and skirts flare out from the waist and look best with a shorter cardigan. My fave summer picks are Violette by Martin Storey, Karen by Sarah Hatton and Coral by Kim Hargreaves. They’re all  really classic and would go with most of the things in my wardrobe.

I’m more of a cardigan knitter than a jumper knitter. I think this is because they’re more versatile for layering in the winter, but I do like a good cotton jumper in the summer! I particularly love Bev by Sarah Hatton, Posee by Marie Wallin and Prairie by Kim Hargreaves. I already have the yarn for Posee (in teal of course), but I think the others are beautiful and love how Sarah has styled Bev with the denim dress.

I’ve been planning to knit a cabled summer jumper for years! I love Tide by Kim Hargreaves, Lunaire by Martin Storey and Faye by Kim Hargreaves. I think Lunaire is probably the right sort of fit and would look great in cream. I can see myself wearing it with denim shorts, skirts or over a dress. But I also think Faye would be gorgeous with a full circle skirt.

During Me Made May I rediscoverd a t-shirt I knitted years ago! I stopped wearing it as it was a bit short and snug – but it looks good under my pinnafore dress and has made me want to knit a new t-shirt. My favourites are all by Kim Hargreaves – Shore from Echoes, Raquel from Honey and Dree from Wilder. Shore is very similar to my original t-shirt so I think that’s the one I’ll go for, but perhaps without the stripes.

I think a long cardie, a short cardie, a fancy jumper, a cabled jumper and a t-shirt will give me an excellent capsule summer knits wardrobe. But this will definitely be a long term project!

What would be in your capsule summer knits wardrobe?

4 thoughts on “Capsule Summer Knits Wardrobe

  1. Hi Jem

    All of the above as you know we both really love Kim and all her designs. I have knitted nearly all of the above we must have the same collection of Kim and Rowan knitting pattern books. Still waiting in anticipation of Kim’s new book to be released. Happy knitting Alison


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