Capsule Winter Knits Wardrobe


It’s only a few weeks since I wrote a blog about a capsule wardrobe of summer knits – but with all the new Autumn/Winter collections being released, I’m now ready to start planning for winter!

I think my capsule winter knits wardrobe would consist of a tank top, a fair-isle jumper, a short cardigan, a long comfy cardigan and a tunic/dress.

With Rowan celebrating the release of their 60th magazine this month – I decided to compile my dream winter knits wardrobe from the new Mag 60 and a few favourites from older Rowan magazines.

Tank top

I love a good tank top! My favourites are Fyne by Marie Wallin from Mag 42, Electra by Louisa Harding from Mag 38  and Tobermory – also by Marie Wallin from Mag 52 .

Fair-isle jumper

I think I will definitely be knitting Nimbus by Sarah Hatton, which is on the cover of Mag 60 – but probably in teal and grey! I think I have enough odd balls of Felted tweed to knit Anatolia by Marie Wallin from Mag 54 and this has been on my list for a while. And how lovely is Rainey by Sarah Hatton from Mag 60?! And in Kid Classic it would be a nice quick knit.

Long Cardie

You can’t go wrong with a cosy long cardigan, and Umbra by Martin Storey from Mag 60 looks ridiculously cosy! I also love Unst by Lisa Richardson from Mag 58 (I will have to work out a substitute for the yarn!) and  Reya by Marie Wallin from Mag 60.

Short Cardie

I tend to go for plain cardigans, but I think Orkney by Marie Wallin from Mag 52 or Alderney by Martin Storey from Mag 58 would fit in with my wardrobe really well. I think I would go for a more limited palette  for Orkney and perhaps knit Alderney in Felted Tweed.

Tunic/Jumper dress

I haven’t had much luck with jumper dresses/tunics and haven’t worn the one’s I’ve knitted much. I think this is because I’ve chosen shapes that are quite straight but clingy in the wrong places – not very flattering! I love Lidiya by Kaffe Fassett from Mag 48 and Franziska by Galina Carroll from Mag 56. They would both be a rather big commitment to knit so perhaps I’ll wait until I have a bit more time on my hands!

Are you planning your winter knits yet? x

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