Bullet Journal (addiction!)

2016-10-31-11.47.35.jpg.jpgI discovered bullet journaling back in August and I’m still finding out what does and doesn’t work for me!

The main thing that I was hoping for with my journal was that I would be able to keep everything in one place: my work lists, freelance work lists, monthly/yearly planners, home projects etc. This is generally working well – but unable to curb my urge to buy new teal stationary…I have now bought a Filofax and will be moving over to using that in 2017 (or when my current notebook is full – whichever happens first!).

2016-10-31-11.48.08.jpg.jpgAs soon as I started my new job with MEZ (Rowan), I started to miss my old diary. I use the calendar in my phone and have a planner spreadsheet which I print out – but I miss having a ‘week per page’ diary. Having a separate diary and notebook would defeat the main aim of  my bullet journal (keeping everything in one place) so I decided a Filofax would be the way forward.

I mentioned in my last bullet journal blog that keeping a contents page went out of the window quite quickly and instead I was adding washi tape colour coded tabs to each page so I could find things quickly. Well – that didn’t last long either! So that was another reason to opt for a Filofax – because it allows me to put everything into sections…and I do love a bit of categorising! Not only this, but I can also choose lots of different colours/styles of paper and add to/remove from each section easily.

I’ve used removable stickers on the dividers so that I can change them if necessary and there is a handy sleeve at the back for keeping a ‘jotter’ and a sleeve at the front where I can keep my printed monthly planners.

This is starting to sound like a sponsored blog for Filofax (which it’s not) so I’ll stop…but needless to say – I love my new Filofax! Also – If you have a Filofax it’s handy to know that Paperchase do cheap versions of most of the inserts.

Are you a Bullet Journal Junkie too?!

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