Moody Blanket Plan


Thank you to everyone who has bought their Starter Pack for the Moody Blanket Knit-along! I’m really looking forward to getting started.

As I mentioned in my blog last weekend – 2016 has been somewhat draining due to a lack of ‘me-time’. One of the reasons I’m really looking forward to 2017 is that I know working on my Moody Blanket throughout the year will give me a reason to stop, think and look after myself each day. However… I’m sure there will be days where I simply don’t have time to do the knitting – so I thought I would get prepared in advance for those days!

I have made a ‘Moody Blanket Plan’ which I will keep next to my bed so that I can decide on my mood for the day and colour it in accordingly. This way – even if I don’t have time for the knitting, I can take a little time to think about my mood and keep track of it on the plan. Then I can catch up on knitting my square the next night… or at the weekend if it’s a particularly busy week!

If you have ordered a starter pack you will receive a printed copy of the plan with your pattern and yarn soon! As well as a good way of keeping track when you’re busy, The plan will also help you to see patterns starting to emerge and how your finished blanket will look.

If you haven’t ordered your Moody Blanket starter pack yet you can find out more here. Happy Knitting!

3 thoughts on “Moody Blanket Plan

  1. Hi Jem! I would love to join in with this KAL as 2016 for me has been not too good..losing my mum in August & being an anxiety sufferer too hasn’t helped. How does the Moody blanket theme work please?


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