Moody Blanket Knit-along…getting started!


Thank you to everyone who ordered their Moody Blanket starter pack – I enjoyed seeing them pop-up on Instagram as you received them! The Knit-along starts tomorrow on 2nd January 2017…needles ready!

You can now purchase top-up packs from my shop and choose which colours you need more of. If your mood is consistent and you’re using a lot of one colour you may need to top-up quite quickly! But if you don’t order in time before running out – just make sure you keep a log of your mood/colour for the day on your planner.

Small Top-up Pack (5 balls): £28 – shop now
Large Top-up Pack (10 balls): £55 – shop now

If you would like to join in the knit-along using your own yarn – you can now buy the pattern as a pdf download via my Ravelry store.

Moody Blanket pattern & planner: £4 – buy now

I’ve made a couple of video’s to help you along the way! The following video will guide you through the simple techniques used in the squares…

You can use your prefered method for blocking and sewing up your squares – but I made this vlog to show you how I’m planning to do mine!

And a few other tips and reminders before you get started…

  • Choose your mood for the day in the evening so that you can pick an overall mood of the day.
  • Don’t break off the yarn at the end of each day – you might be in the same mood the next day and don’t want to create unnecessary ends for sewing in! So wait to check whether you’ll be using the same colour the following day before picking up the scissors.
  • Don’t forget to use your planner to keep track if you don’t have time to knit every evening. This will also help when it comes to sewing up as you’ll be able to easily see which square is which week.
  • use #moodykal when sharing on Instagram and Twitter so that we can follow each others progress.
  • Join me for Moody Blanket chat over on my Ravelry group. I’m planning to pop in on Sundays to share my progress and would love to see yours!

And finally…don’t worry if you’re late to the party and are reading this after 2nd January 2017. The knit-along will run throughout 2017 – but the pattern will remain available in my Ravelry store indefinitely and if you start your Moody Blanket later you can simply finish later!

Happy Knitting everyone! x

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