Back to Reality 2017…

It’s time for my annual back to reality blog!

This year, getting back to reality has been a little different for me because I now have a ‘proper’ job to go back to as well as the various freelance projects I’m juggling. I won’t lie – this felt a little overwhelming on Tuesday – but I soon got back into the swing of things!

I’ve always seen Christmas as a time to switch off, wind down, recharge and put a full stop at the end of the year. And 2016 was definitely a year that needed a full stop. I knew that I had some work to do over the break, but I had planned simple things that would still allow my brain to go into low power mode for 10 days!

I mentioned in a previous blog that 2016 wasn’t my favourite year ever. And it really managed to throw a few more niggley things at me in the last couple of weeks…the clicky thing on the oven broke, I accidentally defrosted the freezer, the washing machine sprung a leak, I had a really bad cold (followed swiftly by another bad cold), and Princess Leia…. it was just a crap end to a crap year! So the only way to respectfully mourn the passing of 2016 was to watch Charlie Brooker and eat chocolate in pyjamas.

 I can’t tell you how excited I am to have a shiny new year ahead! I’m really enjoying the Moody Blanket Knit-along and loving seeing your squares too. I’m working on an exciting new project this year…I will tell you more in a few months, but other than that – my goals for this year are based around doing less, taking one day at a time, being realistic and looking after myself.

Wishing you all a very healthy and happy new year! x


2 thoughts on “Back to Reality 2017…

  1. My goals for this year are pretty similar to yours Jem! Definitely more self care ..making my own bread again ..more healthy time..learning to drive in my 54th year!& much more knitting!

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