Milo’s Blankie


I’ve always enjoyed knitting more than crochet – probably just because knitting is my first love. But ever since my friend Rebecka crocheted a ripple blanket in all the colours of the rainbow…I’ve really wanted to crochet a ripple blanket!

img_20161106_194618.jpgI found out that my friends Ben & Lou were having a baby around the same time I found out that Beardie’s sister was having a baby – and immediately started knitting Sarah Hatton’s super cute Marta dress. Shortly after I found out that Ben & Lou were having a boy…and was relieved when Beardie’s sister had baby girl Emma – who looks beautiful in her Marta dress!

I made Lou’s first baby, Polly, a quilt (yes… I named Polly Elephant in my Nursery Collection after her). So I decided that a blanket would be perfect for baby number two, and a great excuse to make a ripple blanket!

2017-01-12-22.25.34.png.pngI started it at The Crochet Retreat last spring and lovely Ruby helped to get me started. Initially the ripples were meant to go in the other direction – but I made the starting chain too long and it came out much wider than I estimated…so the width became the length!

I used Patons Extrafine Merino which is super soft and machine washable so it’s perfect for babies and I’ve been using it a lot for the Hollies Nursery Forest School Friends. I used 3 balls each of the five colours plus extra of the grey to make the border.

The nicest thing about making stuff for friends and family is knowing that they get used/worn. I love it when I see my mum wear the cardigans I knitted her. She told me that she folds her Kidsilk Haze cardigan up in tissue paper every time she’s worn it…isn’t that lovely? Lou said that Polly has the quilt I made on her bed and Milo has used his new blanket every day! I’m chuffed to bits that they like it.


So if someone has made you something – wear it! use it! And most of all – send us pictures please (us knitters/crocheters love that!…thanks for the pics Lou x).

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