Choosing Moods

Now that we’re a few weeks into the Moody Blanket Knit-along, you might be finding that some days it’s easy to choose your colour, and other days it’s a bit trickier.

I find the most difficult choice comes when I’ve had very mixed feelings throughout the day. Perhaps I’ve spent some of the day feeling irritable and frustrated but also had moments of feeling very happy and upbeat. So at the end of the day I ask myself – what was the overwhelming feeling? Was I more irritable than happy? More happy than irritable? Or did it all balance out somewhere in the middle as ‘fine’?

When I’ve had a mixed day – I’m finding it helpful to sit and read the mood list to try and pinpoint the overall mood of the day. And if you have a mood that isn’t on the list…just add it! I had a day where I felt utterly overwhelmed by the volume of work I had to do. I also had happy moments – but the overall mood of the day was definitely ‘overwhelmed’ and I have now added that to my teal moods. So if you have a day where you’re struggling to settle on a colour – just think about how you would describe your mood of the day and then decide where that would sit on the scale…feel free to add as many new moods as you need to the lists and make it your own!

I also find it hard to settle on my colour for the day when I feel like I ‘should’ feel a certain way. ‘Should’ing is horrible but we all do it! I had a Saturday where I had a nice lie-in, did a little bit of work, went out for lunch, had a lovely walk in the sunshine, bought some plants and then watched a good film and did some knitting in the evening. Sounds like a pretty perfect Saturday to me so surely I ‘should’ be yellow?! But I was teal. I couldn’t switch off from work mode which left me feeling generally unsettled and unable to relax all day.

So when choosing my colour – I’m trying to think about how I have actually felt rather than whether it’s been a good/bad day where good/bad things happened. Of course external factors effect our mood, but it’s perfectly possible to have bad things happen and still be happy or to be in a paradise location and feel miserable. Sometimes it’s easier said than done to separate the external factors from the internal mood…but I think I’m feeling the benefit of taking the time to reflect.

Hop over to my Ravelry group if you fancy more Moody chat! And thank you for sharing over on Instagram using #moodykal. I’m loving seeing everyone’s squares and hope you’re enjoying knitting along! X

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