The Fun Jar

In 2016 I learnt the hard way that life isn’t much fun if you don’t take a break  to stand back and appreciate things!

My Moody Blanket is definitely helping me to do this – as I’m spending that little bit of time each day to reflect. But I have realised that the most important thing I need to do in order to take care of myself is to get out more.

So at the end of last year Beardie & I wrote down all the things we talk about doing on days off on pieces of paper and put them in a jar. I’ve tried to think of a different name with less potential innuendo…but it’s a jar of fun things to do so it’s a fun jar!

Saturday was my first full day off this year – so we picked our first fun from the jar! It was a walk in Derbyshire – and it was perfect. Despite not being far from Derbyshire, it normally feels like we need to do a lot of planning and then when the day comes I tend to think “I’m quite tired…There’s things to do around the house…we can just have a nice day here”. But because we picked it from the jar – we just decided on a place and went.

I will have time to take a ‘proper holiday’ in the summer but, until then, picking fun from the fun jar will help me to maximise any days off by motivating me to doing something different.

It was a cold and grey day, but it didn’t matter! We had a lovely time, I rediscovered my love of moss, we finished the walk with an excellent meal…and it was officially fun!

3 thoughts on “The Fun Jar

  1. What a brilliant idea. It’s so easy to let those days off just pass you by with procrastination and chores! I’m always thinking of things I’d like to do at the weekend at the beginning of the working week.

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  2. what a briiliant idea. I have a gratitude jar but I’m going to start a fun jar to inspire us to wake up and do different things! thanks so much for sharing the idea (I can put you in my gratitude jar!)x

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