Brona Jumper

I’ve finally finished my Brona Jumper!

I looked back through my blogs and I wrote a blog entitled “Brona Jumper (sort of finished)” last April! So it’s almost a year since I finished the knitting after battling with the wonky lattice sections, running out of yarn, a fair amount of tinking and some angry words.

After knitting, I put the pieces away for a while, then blocked them to shape, then back into hibernation for a few months and then I finally sewed it up at the end of last year. It then took me a couple more months to get around to sewing in the ends because I’ve been so busy secret knitting (shhh).

I’m really pleased with it! The Mohair Haze is very soft and cosy and I’m not finding it itchy, which is sometimes a problem with mohair. It fits beautifully and although it’s not a great colour to photograph – a navy jumper is a handy addition to my wardrobe.

So…please make me feel better – have you been working on something for well over a year?!

Yarn provided by Rowan.

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