I recently watched the Minimalism documentary over on Netflix. Since watching it I’ve been following The Minimalists over on Instagram and gathering pearls of wisdom!

I don’t want to live in a blank space but I’m aware that I have a lot of superfluous “stuff”. This stuff actually adds stress and pressure to my life because it’s more stuff to clean/look after/feel guilty about getting rid of because I hate waste!

I love the idea of streamlining and only having things I get value from in my home. Things I use/wear or things that bring me happiness. The following quote pretty much sums this up for me…

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”

William Morris

I’ve already made a start on minimalism. Whenever I see something I want to buy, I’m asking myself more questions. Do I “need” it/is it useful? Do I really love it? Will it last? Where will it go? Is it worth it?

It’s amazing how quickly you can put yourself off spending money!

I really want to pay the Minimalism game but life is rather busy at the moment and just the thought of it overwhelms me! So in the meantime I’ve decided to just set myself some mini challenges until I have time for full house minimalisation! (I’m just making up words now…).

So I decided to start with something simple. Mugs!

Who needs 28 mugs? Certainly not someone who doesn’t drink tea or coffee! But I do get a huge amount of pleasure from making myself a hot chocolate in one of my favourite mugs. It’s my little treat in the afternoon when I’m working from home.

I thought mugs would be easy to sort – but where do we draw the line between how many you need (probably one each realistically) and how many you love (approximately 28 apparently).

Rather than deciding which mugs to get rid of – Beardie and I decided to approach it differently and just choose five mugs each which we wanted to keep. I started by removing these three lovelies from the choice because I will use these as candle holders/small vases/plant pots (which will be minimalised another time!)

And then we chose our five each….which ended up as seven and a half each because we wanted to keep a couple of “builders” mugs that we wouldn’t be upset about if they get broken, and we couldn’t bring ourselves to break up pairs of mugs!

Despite a bit of cheating – it felt like a good first step and pretty satisfying to get rid of ten mugs we don’t use!

Is anyone interested in playing the Minimalism game with me later this year?!

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