Busy Times = Moody Blues

I’m always busy at this time of year – no matter how well I plan ahead it just always happens. This year it is the result of being offered a few great opportunities around the same time and not wanting to say no to anything!

I’m loving my new day job with Rowan and I’m very excited about the freelance project I’m currently working on. But all the travelling, designing and secret knitting means I’m working seven days a week. As much as I love knitting – working to a deadline is completely different to selfish knitting!

This has definitely started to effect my mood over the last couple of weeks and my Moody Blanket’s starting to look a bit blue….

So I’ve got into the routine of giving myself a bit of down-time during the day at the weekend and then working from late afternoon until the wee small hours (I’m a night owl!). This means I get to spend some time with Beardie, go for lunch, have a walk and pootle around the garden before settling down to work knitting while binge-watching Netflix!

I can’t wait to finish this project and tell you about it! x

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