Team Moody – part one

I’m so happy with the response I’ve had to the Moody Blanket Knit-along! Lots of you bought starter packs at the end of last year and I’ve received lots of orders for top-up packs with messages saying you’re enjoying the project – and so am I!

I’m personally finding the self reflection at the end of each day really beneficial and even though I’ve had some tough weeks – it’s really soothing to reflect on my mood of the day, allocate a colour and knit.

I asked a few fellow Moody Blanket knitters how they’re feeling about the project and this is what they said…

What appealed to you about the project?

Lesley: “As a relatively new knitter I wanted to do something beautiful but simple. I liked the idea of a mood stripe per day.”

Toni: “I think the first thing to appeal to me about the project was the fact that it’s a Jem Weston project. I’ve always loved not only Jem’s patterns in the past, but also the choice of colour combinations and yarn, so all of this amalgamated into a knit along was a very attractive idea to me. I’d never done a knit along before and the sense of community and longevity it promised fascinated me.”

Claire: “I liked the idea of the project as I live with a long term mental health condition and am interested in ways of managing my condition differently.”

Lesley’s Moody Blanket

What are you enjoying about knitting your Moody Blanket?

Lesley: “I like sitting after work and relaxing whilst knitting my stripe for the day, it’s very therapeutic!”

Toni: “I am really enjoying seeing each week knit up and become something completely unique.  And perhaps more than that I really love seeing everyone else’s squares and the way everyone sends kind wishes when a fellow participator has had a difficult time. Or how everyone celebrates a happy day!

Setting time aside each evening to reflect on my mood and do a bit of simple knitting has really improved my mental health. I know that a lot of people find such reflection difficult, I’ve even had a friend tell me they couldn’t see themselves enjoying it at all, but the way I see it: if you’ve had a terrible day, I mean a really rotten day, the day will have been that bad whether or not you think about it. Only this way you might be able to find some little pockets of happiness, or even okay-ness, that’s gotten lost in the storm of the day. And create something beautiful from it at that!”

Claire: “I am most enjoying being able to have a positive way to look at my feelings, rather than reverting to other coping mechanisms. So even though I’ve had a tough day, there is a positive way of communicating that, through craft.

Toni’s Moody Blanket – 48 week layout.

Is there anything you’re finding challenging?

Lesley: “When I’ve been busy during the week I’ve had to leave catching up to the weekend and sometimes it’s hard to get up to date before the next week begins.”

Toni: “I am finding some of the lower mood days to be challenging to knit. I’m always glad when I’ve done it in the end, but gosh it feels like a real slog.”

Claire: “I sometimes find time constraints difficult, but then I find the sheet where I can colour in my days helps to be able to recall my feelings on a particular day.

Lesley’s Moody Blanket & planner

Is it becoming easier to reflect on your mood/choose your colour…or more difficult?

Lesley: “It is getting easier as I can compare to previous days and make a judgement about what colour a day should be.”

Toni: “Overall I think I’m finding it much easier to reflect on my mood and choose a colour. For example, I find I’m much more accepting of making a day yellow now. For some reason at the beginning of the project I felt I could only pick yellow if that day had been oh-so-amazingly-wow from the word go. I may have had a very black or white approach to moods… but now I’m much more appreciative of the little joys throughout a day whilst being able to accept, or even put a positive spin on, the disasters.”

Claire: “Over the last week particularly, due to lots of change,I have found it difficult to choose just one colour, but I tend to go with the predominant emotion of the day.

Toni’s Moody Blanket – 24 week layout

It’s brilliant seeing the blankets starting to come together and the patterns forming as everyone starts to sew up their squares!

Thank you so much to the Moody knitters above for sharing. If you’re taking part in the KAL and want to share your thoughts and images here on my blog, please feel free to contact me – I’d love to hear how your getting on.

The Moody Blanket pattern has options for a large blanket knitted over 48 weeks or a small blanket knitted over 24 weeks – so if you’re thinking about joining the KAL part way through, you could knit the small blanket and still be finished this year. Starter packs including one ball each of your chosen colourway, the pattern and planner (for colouring in) are still available here or you can buy the pattern & planner individually here.

Happy knitting and Happy Easter everyone!

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