Building a wall (in a good way)

This weekend we started the final stage of project back garden!

When I started the make-over, back in 2015, things moved quite quickly. That summer I turned an old bureau into a mini greenhouse/garden storage…

Made a curvy path which now has lovely weeds growing around it to soften the edges…

Put up a new fence to replace the one that fell down whenever it was windy (with a lot of help from dad)…

Replaced the wood on my rotten bench…

Put new doors (made by dad) on my outhouse…

And added a new garden gate (made by dad)…

So you probably realise by now that my dad’s very helpful and a genius at this sort of thing – so when he woke up one morning in lots of pain and struggling to walk…things came to a standstill! He had bursitis in his hip and for many months bending at the hip caused a lot of discomfort which made driving, crouching or just sitting very difficult.

The last job to do was building a wall and step at the back of the garden to level out the ground and make a small patio area, and the plan was for us to do the job together so that I could learn the fine art of bricklaying.

So now, a year and a half on, with a fully recovered hip (more or less) and the risk of frost passed – we decided it’s time to build that wall! Yesterday we went from this…

To this…!

This is the first two courses of the retaining wall that will allow me to level out the area behind it. It’s not the prettiest bit of wall because this part will be covered by a step. 

My bricklaying skills aren’t the best, but I learnt a lot and I’m very lucky that dad has the skills. practice makes perfect!

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