The Minimalism Game

I’ve mentioned the Minimalism documentary a couple of times in previous blogs and if you haven’t seen it yet I would definitely recommend it!

It’s really changed the way I think about my quality of life.

For a long time now I have felt strongly that time is more important than money. It’s why I made the decision to leave my demanding full time job to work freelance back in 2014 and it’s why I choose to work part-time now. I’m constantly striving for that perfect balance where I can do the job I love, pursue my creative urges through freelance work…and still have time to eat, sleep, relax and enjoy life.

So far this year, that balance has really been challenged. But after a very busy few months, things are calming down and I’m starting to feel like this balance is achievable. But I know I need to make some changes.

Jem Weston Moody Blanket KAL 2017When I’m busy I have a lot more teal “meh” days on my Moody blanket. This is mainly because I just become overwhelmed and don’t have time to switch off. But I’ve started to realise recently that I’m also overwhelmed by “stuff”. Just think about how much less stressful it is to work at a nice clear, tidy desk rather than being surrounded by piles of paperwork. Everywhere I look in my office I see things I need to do – whether that’s a pile of receipts I need to add into a spreadsheet, papers that need to be shredded, my broken shredder that needs to be fixed or replaced so that I can shred the papers…I’m feeling stressed just thinking about it!

And it’s not just work “stuff”. How much stuff do you just walk past in your home everyday and don’t use, need or get any pleasure from? But it still takes up space or needs cleaning. I think we’ve all got things lurking in the back of the wardrobe that we’ve not worn in a year, or a box of stuff that hasn’t been looked in since the last house move.

But minimalism isn’t about getting rid of everything you own.

It’s about living a more considered life. Not buying for the sake of buying and only owning what you need and get “value” from – which will be different for everybody. I personally get a huge amount of joy from my yarn and fabric stash! But I’ve quite happily moved over to the kindle – so do I need shelves full of books? That’s a question I will be asking myself whilst playing the Minimalism Game.

So if you fancy clearing a bit of space in your house and your mind – join me to play the Minimalism Game in June!

The idea of the game is that you get rid of one thing on day one…

Two things on day two…

Three things on day three…

And so on for 30 days!

By the end of the challenge you will have cleared out 465 things. I’m not going to lie…this is going to be difficult! To make it doubly hard – Beardie is also embracing the concept of minimalism and will be playing the game as well. So after 30 days we will have gotten rid of 930 things between us! I’m not sure we own enough things to complete the challenge – but we’re really excited to give it a try.

On The Minimalists website they say that you have to get the items out of the house by the end of each day. That for me would be a logistical nightmare as I’m often on the road and away overnight with work. So I’m planning to do a few days at a time – throw out anything that will just be going in the bin, and box/pile everything else up as I go along for charity shop, selling, giving to friends. I also think I will struggle to photograph and share each day individually so I’m planning to share seven days at a time over on Instagram if you want to watch my progress and join in!

We will be starting on Saturday 3rd June. Who’s on board?

Let’s get minimal!


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