Moody Blanket…the story so far

We’re almost at the halfway point of the Moody Blanket Knit-along and for those knitting the smaller version it’s almost the end!

It would also be the perfect time to think about joining in and knitting along with the small version for the second half of the year.

The Moody Blanket palette has five colours, with each one relating to a mood – ranging from sad/angry/depressed (dark grey) through to happy/upbeat/excited (yellow or pink depending on your chosen colourway).

I’m happy to say that the most popular re-ordered shades in the top-up packs are those relating to fine, content and happy. I hope that reflecting on your mood and knitting the blanket is helping on the darker days…and perhaps, like me, you’re realising that you’re more fine/happy than you realised!

I’ve sewn up and blocked the first two rows of my blanket and I’m loving seeing patterns starting to form. I added two new moods to my list – both based on how busy I was up until April.

Firstly I added “productive” to my aqua moods. Sometimes I have a super busy day and feel really good about it because I feel satisfied that I’ve achieved a lot. I think this fits in with the content colour because I’m generally not super happy yellow when I’ve been busy – but often feel good, satisfied and productive.

Secondly I added “overwhelmed” to my teal moods. Because busy days don’t always feel productive! I often get a lot done but I’m maybe doing lots of bits and bobs and not completing a whole project. Sometimes I have lots to do and I don’t know where to start so I struggle to focus. Often I have so much to do that I just want to switch off my phone and go and live in a yurt! These are the “overwhelmed” teal days which definitely sit on a level with “a bit meh”.

I love the way that my overwhelmed weeks have collided in the centre of the blanket creating an abstract teal diamond. And most of all I’m enjoying seeing how quickly my mood lifted after we finished the photo shoot for my book and life became less hectic.

Seeing this visual diary of my moods is really making me address what makes me happy and how can I get more of that?!

Pretty much all of the teal days in my blanket so far are the result of feeling overwhelmed. This was mostly due to me over-committing myself and my time…but I’ve also started to realise how much I feel overwhelmed by “stuff”.

This is something I might not have reflected on if I wasn’t knitting the Moody Blanket, but I think that embracing Minimalism and living with less “stuff” will give me more time for the things I enjoy and improve my happiness long term. We’ll soon find out when I play the Minimalism Game in June!

If you fancy joining in with the Moody Blanket knit-along you can find out more here.

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