Lucky Tails Alpaca Walk

Hanging out with lovely alpacas seems to have become a birthday tradition!

Back in 2012 I took a spur of the moment trip down to Devon for my birthday. Whilst browsing the hotel leaflets I came across some information about an alpaca park and decided that would be a great way to spend my actual birthday. And it was the best! It was so peaceful walking around and I fell in love with alpacas.

Luck Tails Alpaca Walk | Jem Weston blog

There was also a cafe that did fantastic cream teas – and I asked the lady there why one field of alpacas were so stand-offish compared to the others. That was of course the maternity paddock and they apparently become a bit grumpy and protective when pregnant (which seems reasonable).

Fast forward to 2015 and I decided to arrange a road trip with some of my knit group friends to Toft Alpaca. We had a fab time and learned lots – including the fact that alpacas can “put off” giving birth if the weather is inclement!

Lucky Tails Alpaca walk | Jem Weston blog

Last Saturday was a wonderful surprise! I thought Beardie was taking me over to Derbyshire for a hike and wasn’t sure why he was being secretive about the location. So when we started heading south I had no idea where we were going…and got very excited when I saw the Lucky Tails Alpaca sign!

Sarah was great and gave us some alpaca facts before we took them for a walk. This included important information such as: don’t touch their heads (they don’t like that) and don’t stand directly behind them (you might get kicked).

Then we all chose an alpaca and went for a pootle around the fields. My alpaca was a beautiful young male called Drogo. He was very chilled so I just followed his lead and we alternated between frolicking and randomly sitting down. Whenever we stopped walking he leant against me and seemed perfectly happy to be cuddled and stroked on his neck (which was so soft).

Beardie chose a Suri alpaca called Waffles who needed a bit more encouragement than Drogo and mostly just wanted to eat the grass!

Waffles the Suri alpaca | Jem Weston blog

We had a fantastic time and after a few attempts I managed to get a good selfie with Drogo and a not bad one with a reluctant Waffles!

2 thoughts on “Lucky Tails Alpaca Walk

    1. They were sending out this year’s fleeces to be made into lovely socks. It’s a fairly small herd (flock?) So you wouldn’t get many jumpers from them!

      I did come home with three sacks of Alpaca poo for the garden!


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