Some of you may have hopped over to read Beardie’s blog last week where he talks about not completing the minimalism game. His initial feeling was that he had failed – and this got me thinking about something I’d heard on one of The Minimalists podcasts where they talk about goals.

It’s amazing how often I set myself up to fail by setting myself goals – many of them very unachievable! I like to have a plan and I like to know what I’m doing and where I’m going – but if things don’t go to plan I’m thrown off course and often feel like I’ve failed.

In the podcast I mentioned above – Josh talks about setting directions instead of goals. So rather than saying “I’m going to Scotland” you would say “I’m going to head North”. That way – it doesn’t matter if other priorities crop up along the way and you never made it to Scotland – you will have headed in the direction you intended to go.

While you’re reading this, I will be on the last day of my holiday and hopefully I will be super relaxed! Whenever I go on holiday I always pack lots of knitting or crochet. I had already started planning my knitting goals for this holiday when I thought – why do I do this?! I always come back from holiday with very little knitting done because I’ve been too busy snoozing, reading and swimming…and then I feel guilty.

So this holiday I have no goals. The direction is towards relaxation and I will do whatever I feel like doing…even if that’s nothing!

So I might do some work on my Softyak cardie which has slowed down on the progress front…

Knitting & Roses - Jem Weston blog

Or I might finally finish this sock…

Or I might start Christmas gift knitting…

Or I might just read and snooze and swim.

And that will be fine!


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