Denim Circle Skirt

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while – you will know that I’m very good at planning sewing projects…but not very good at actually doing them!

Part of the problem is my fear of zips and buttonholes. I used to be pretty good at sewing after attending a dressmaking, pattern cutting and grading course, but after a long break it all seems to have fallen out of my head!

After the success of my skirt in a day I decided that simple circle skirts were the way forward. Then I took another three year break from the sewing machine! I bought some lightweight denim a couple of years ago with the intention to make a Merchant & Mills dress, but as that never transpired – I thought a denim circle skirt would be a good addition to my new minimalist wardrobe.

Unfortunately it ended up taking a bit longer than a day to make! First of all I couldn’t find the notebook where I’d written my notes from my previous skirt so I had to start from scratch. Then I didn’t believe my tape measure and added a few centimetres to the circumfirence just in case – which meant I cut all the pieces far to big!

Then a had a bit of a saga with the pockets. Because a denim skirt should definitely have pockets yes? I put them in so low on the side seams that I had to hunch over to put my hands in the pockets! Lots of unpicking later and I started to put them in directly below the waistband…then realised that the zip was going in the side seam so I was putting one of the pockets where the zip needed to go!

At this point I decided that one pocket would be adequate. So my new skirt has one pocket and the most perfect zip I’ve done in years. The bottom of the waistband is completely misaligned, but I’m so chuffed with the zip that I don’t care! Just look at that lovely zip. I used this tutorial to remind me how to do it and it was really helpful.

I’m really happy with my new swishy denim skirt – it’s going to go with everything!


2 thoughts on “Denim Circle Skirt

  1. Hiya. One way to cover up a misaligned join or waistband is to add a strip of ribbon or sequins etc . On the bit thats low sew it onto the top of the fabric then as you attach it gradually adust it down slightly do that when you reach the other side near the zip thats high you are attaching your ribbon under the band with so it then should match up. Hope you understand what I mean x

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