After having a wonky sloped garden for almost a decade – I finally have a flat patio area!

Flat is a slight exaggeration…because dad and I made the new wall so perfectly level (all dad’s skills obviously) – it then made the concrete bit where the bench sits look really wonky. So I ended up doing the crazy paving by eye rather than trying to get it perfectly level.

Our old metal gate has been recycled as a trellis for one of the climbing roses to create a corner and make the flatio feel like a separate room.

Over time I’m hoping to grow “mind your own business” in between the slabs to soften the edges. This has worked really well around the path leading up to the flatio and it’s pretty hardy. It’ll take a year or two to get going – but some of the bits I’ve put in are trying hard!

Fingers crossed we’ve got a bit of summer left for garden based knitting!

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