Capsule Wardrobe 

Last year I started planning a capsule Summer knits wardrobe and capsule Winter knits wardrobe. Having a plan has made me put a lot more thought into new projects. I want to be sure everything I knit will work with existing outfits and get worn…not just sit in a drawer!

Since discovering minimalism the idea of a capsule wardrobe has become very appealing – especially when I find lovely images on Pinterest like the one below from Unfancy. But it’s also somewhat overwhelming…most capsule wardrobes seem to consist of 30 to 40 items – including shoes and accessories! My current wardrobe consists of approx 100 items…not including shoes and accessories or my pilates clothing…or my gardening/diy clothes.

I’ve done a lot of streamlining recently and don’t think my wardrobe is particularly large but the number of items surprised me. Especially considering the fact that I also didn’t include the two boxes full of clothes currently hiding under my bed because I don’t feel ready to part with them just yet. I would be interested to know how many items you have? It might make me feel better so please count and share!

I’m not a particularly big shopper, but my wardrobe has gradually built up because I struggle to part with things – especially if they’re hand-made. Minimalism has made it easier for me to let things go – and I can really appreciate what the benefits of having a capsule wardrobe would be.

I want to…

  • Wear everything in my wardrobe.
  • LOVE everything in my wardrobe.
  • Have a larger proportion of handmade clothes.
  • Find it easier to choose what to wear.
  • Look/feel good!

I often need a challenge to get me started on something and I’ve had my eye on project 333. Dressing with just 33 items (including shoes and accessories) for 3 months would certainly be a challenge!

I’ve decided to tweak the challenge to work for me and I’m going to combine Project 333 and Me Made May. I know I’m planning early – but there are a few things I want to make before doing the challenge and May gives me a realistic deadline.

So my challenge for May 2018 will be…

  • Dress with just 33 items for the whole month (including accessories and shoes!).
  • Wear a me made item every day.

May isn’t the easiest month for this challenge because we’re likely to have mixed weather…but it’s meant to be challenging!

My 33 items will include all accessories and jewellery…apart from my engagement ring and fitbit which I never take off. The Project 333 rules say not to include underwear, nightwear, at home lounge wear and workout clothing. I’m also not going to include my gardening/diy clothes – which I personally find are essential items that serve a purpose rather than outfit choices.

I’m hoping that restricting myself for a month will help me to appreciate the things I love in my wardrobe and to let go of the things I don’t need. I might continue with it after May and just add a few things back in that I’ve missed – I’m sure I’ll want more jewellery options than this challenge will allow! But I think I will set myself an ongoing limit either on the number of items or the amount of space taken up – and then implement a strict one in one out rule!

I’m finding the Un-fancy blog really helpful in planning my capsule wardrobe. You can print out a planner which makes you assess what you have, what you like and why/what you don’t wear and why. It turns out that all of my favourite items of clothing are ‘comfy’. So that’s the top priority for my capsule wardrobe!

Does anyone fancy joining me for a Me Made May/ Project 333 mash-up challenge next year?!

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