Rowan Magazine 62 – My Favourites!

I’m loving the new Rowan Autumn/Winter magazine and I’m knitting up my Softyak cardie as quickly as I can so that I can cast on something new!

The first patterns that jumped out at me and made me long for crisp winter days were Sweeting and Gloaming – both designed by Lisa Richardson.

I love long cardies with pockets and the hood on Sweeting is gorgeous! Sweeting is knitted in Rowan Kid Classic which is one of my favourite yarns and Gloaming is one strand each of Kidsilk Haze and Fine Lace which I adored when I made Captivate by Kim Hargreaves. But I’ve already knitted a couple of long cardies so these will be going on the wish list.

The same goes for Wilshaw by Georgia Farrell in Rowan Big Wool. It’s gorgeous and going on the list!

I adore the cabled Kid Classic cosiness of Sykes by Martin Storey…but I’ve also fallen a little bit in love with another cable jumper by Martin Storey – Buttrick, which is knitted in Hemp Tweed. I haven’t knitted a garment in Hemp Tweed yet, but loved using it for my Dice Cowl and really want this jumper!

Fumbar by Marie Wallin is the perfect little yoked sweater in Felted Tweed…and I think I have just about enough to knit this, so that will be a great addition to the capsule winter knits wardrobe.

But before I do anything else – I want a nice simple jumper that will go with everything in preparation for my capsule wardrobe/me made may challenge. So I think the next thing on the needles will be Lund by Sarah Hatton.

Lund, Rowan Mag 62

Although it is a possibility that I might accidentally cast on this and Buttrick and Meriden from Rowan Loves 5 at the same time…!


3 thoughts on “Rowan Magazine 62 – My Favourites!

  1. Hi Jem

    Great looking Rowan magazine. I was wondering how advanced a knitter one would need to be to tackle some of these. They look wonderful, but I have never knitted a garment (jumper, cardigan etc), as I always feel a bit reticent, fearing I might struggle a little. What do you think? Nicola x


    1. I think if you can knit and purl you can do anything! If you buy your yarn from your local yarn shop they should be able to advise you on how difficult the pattern you want to do is. A lot of yarn shops run workshops or are happy for you to pop in for help if you get stuck (as long as you’ve bought the yarn from them). Knit groups are a good place for knitting support as well. As long as you know you can get help if you get stuck then it’s always a good idea to choose something you’re really excited about knitting and wearing! ☺


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