Selfish Knitting

I often get asked if I still enjoy knitting now that it’s my job. And the answer is absolutely yes!

The reality of it is…not much of my job actually involves knitting. And lets face it – however much time we get to knit – it’s never enough to make everything we want to. So I savour every last second that I get to spend knitting. I accidentally cast on and knitted half of Meriden (I was planning to knit Lund first!).

When I’m working to a deadline and speed knitting, it feels very different to knitting for myself. I still enjoy the process but it’s not relaxing in the same way and I look forward to finishing it so that I can do selfish knitting!

I use the word “selfish” as a way to differentiate between talking about my work knitting and knitting for myself – but I never think of it as “selfish” in the negative meaning of the word, but rather as knitting “for self”.

We all have to take time out for ourselves to relax and re-charge so that we can be at our best. For me there is nothing more comforting than curling up in front of the TV with my selfish knitting and the cats. The calming effect it can have is amazing.

I hope you have time for some selfish knitting today! x

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