I really enjoyed knitting the Snuggle Socks for Cute Comfort Knits and I’m loving seeing the pics of your finished makes. It’s definitely got me in the mood for socks!

Cute Comfort Knits by Jem Weston | Snuggle Socks

I’ve never been a big sock knitter for myself. Most of the socks I’ve knitted have been gifts – but the one pair I knitted for myself shortly after finishing uni are looking pretty tired (they’ve lasted well!) so I decided to knit myself a new pair.

That was three years ago… and I’ve finished one sock.

Sock Knitting | Jem Weston

So I think it’s time to set myself a challenge and get motivated with sock knitting!

I’m working towards having a capsule wardrobe – owning fewer clothes but a larger proportion of handmade clothes. So why not extend to my sockdrobe?

So the challenge is this…if I finish the pair I’m knitting by the end of the year and then knit one sock per month next year – I will have seven pairs of socks by the end of 2018! A nice realistic challenge giving me a pair of socks for each day of the week.

After setting myself the challenge I immediately started planning yarn and patterns! I love Rachel Coopey’s sock patterns so I think I’ll be knitting Crenate and Eponine.

I have a few 50g balls of Regia which I’m hoping will be enough to make some little ankle socks.

Regia Sock Yarn

A beautiful hand-dyed skein of Truly Hooked “Sour Grapes” which I think needs a simple sock pattern to show off the colours.

Truly Hooked Sock Yarn

And at Yarndale I treated myself to some gorgeous Triskelion Elen Sock yarn.

Triskelion Sock Yarn

I can’t wait to get started! Please feel free to join the sock challenge and share your favourite sock yarns and patterns x

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