Moody Blanket – the final countdown!

At the beginning of this year some of us embarked on a year long project – knitting the Moody Blanket.

I’ve had such a great response to the knit-along and have had lots of messages from people saying that taking that little bit of time out each day to reflect on their mood has had a positive effect on their well-being.

The large Moody Blanket is knitted across 48 weeks. So anyone who joined in on January 2nd will be finishing the knitting (or colouring in) on Sunday 3rd December – giving you a few weeks to get it sewn up before the end of the year. It’s so exciting piecing it together and seeing patterns emerging…it’s going to be so lovely and cosy!

I know that a lot of you have found the planner really helpful and are just taking your time with the knitting part. Taking on a 48 week project is huge so I’m really proud of all of us who have kept it up! Even if you’ve just kept up with the mood planner and the knitting is work in progress – well done 🙂

I’m looking forward to finishing and have decided to do a simple knitted border. I will share the pattern for the border with everyone who’s bought the pattern at the beginning of next year so look out for that!

If you didn’t join in with the Moody Blanket knit-along this year – it’s the perfect time to start thinking about it for next year! You can start whenever really – but I think it’s a nice project to start in January to beat the post-Christmas blues and look after yourself with some me-time.

Top-up packs of the yarn will be available for a while longer for those already working on the blanket.

Moody Blanket Top-up Pack (5 balls): £30 – shop now

Moody Blanket Top-up Pack (10 balls): £59 – shop now

When these run out – I will share a link to another stockist of the Almerino DK on my Moody Blanket page so that anyone who joined later or wants to start next year can get their yarn fix!

You can buy a downloadble PDF version of the pattern and planner individually by clicking the link below.

Moody Blanket Pattern & Planner: £4 – Buy now

Happy Knitting x

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