What to knit next? (It’ll be teal though…)

In this weeks blog I was planning to share a completed project, but I’ve had virtually no knitting time this week so you’ll have to wait!

But I am at that blissful point of being really excited about finishing what I’m knitting and equally excited about getting something new on the needles! In teal of course…

So what shall I cast on next?

Buttrick by Martin Storey from Rowan Mag 62 in Hemp Tweed? Would keep me cosy while knitting…and hopefully I would finish before it gets warm!

Retrofit Sweater by Sue Stratford…which I’m planning to knit in Felted Tweed? I can see this being my new working at home uniform.

Mazarin from Kim Hargreaves new book Bitter. There are so many lovely designs using Kidsilk Haze and Fine Lace stranded together that I keep changing my mind – but this is the current winner! It has a facing to give a lovely front edging.

Or Lund by Sarah Hatton from Rowan Mag 62 in Patons Diploma Gold DK? This will be such a handy jumper through to Spring…but maybe I have time to knit something else first and still get this done for Spring?

What do you want to see me knit next? It’s up to you! x

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