2017: A Moody Year

After 48 weeks of knitting…I completed the final square of my Moody Blanket last Sunday!

A huge well done to everyone who stuck with it throughout the year – even if you just kept up with the colouring in. It’s been a long project and I hope you’ve found it as beneficial as I have.

The idea behind the Moody Blanket is to give yourself a bit of time to reflect each day on how you’ve felt, put your moods into the knitting and create a lovely cosy visual diary of your feelings. But it’s been so much more than that for me, and my blanket has inspired some big life changes.

Early on in the Moody Blanket knitting process I needed to add in a couple of moods to my list…and both were related to being busy. The first was “productive” which I added to the content/calm/satisfied list for those days when I’d been super busy but felt good because I’d achieved a lot.

The second mood was less positive – “overwhelmed” got added to my meh list for those days where I just couldn’t see the wood for the trees. The majority of my “meh” days were the result of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. I also felt this way on many of my “fine” days – but managed to lift it to fine by reflecting on the day, putting things in perspective and eating lots of chocolate. Below is an overview of my year of moody knitting…

The number of days I felt overwhelmed was significantly higher during busy periods. 18% of my days in January through to April were teal and 21% in September through to December – compared to just 8% from May to August. I also had 24% happy days in May to August compared to 14% in January through to April and just 8% from September to December.

Weeks 1 to 16 (2nd January to 23rd April)

Weeks 17 to 32 (24th April to 13th Aug)

Weeks 33 to 48 (14th Aug to 3rd Dec)

I love stats!

Reflecting on your mood everyday for a year means you really get to know what affects your mood and you can take action to improve it. Between May and August I had a holiday and my workload lessened, giving me free weekends. It’s really noticeable when looking at my planner that I have a brighter band of colour running through the middle for this period of time and I knew I needed to make some changes in my life to be less busy and create more yellow days.

I read something this week over on The Minimalists website about scaling back and the fact that when you say yes to something you’re inadvertently saying no to something else. I’ve always found it difficult to say no to things and I’ve had so many fantastic opportunities over the last couple of years that I’m glad I’ve said yes to everything!

But however much I love everything I do – saying yes to every single work opportunity that comes my way means that I’m saying no to free time at weekends, no to seeing my friends and family, no to going for hikes in the country, no to lazy Sundays on the sofa and no to looking after myself. Eventually being too busy takes it’s toll.

So I’ve already started making some changes and have said “not now” to a few opportunities that have popped up (I still want to do everything…just not all at the same time!).

The biggest change that I have made is the decision to step down from my day-job with Rowan. I love working for Rowan – I love the yarns, the patterns, the lovely independent retailers I work with and my Rowan family, but I know this decision will give me the freedom to focus on my freelance work and free up my time outside of work.

I’m so excited about 2018! I’m not going to rush into things – I’m going to take the time to plan and make sure I don’t over-commit so that I can really enjoy exhibiting at yarn shows, teaching workshops and designing new patterns. It’s going to be great!

If you’ve been taking part in the Moody Blanket Knit-along I would love to see pics of your planners and of your finished blankets when they’re sewn up. I will be sharing a pattern for a knitted border early next year – or you could pick up and crochet or edge it with ribbon or fabric… I’d love to see what you do!

And just in case you missed the important news re the yarn:

*UPDATE* Rooster have now discontinued Almerino DK (November 2017) and the top-up packs are available while stocks last – so please ensure you have enough yarn to complete your blanket.



If you would like to knit yourself a Moody Blanket in 2018 – you can buy the pattern & planner and use a DK weight yarn of your choice.


Happy knitting everyone x

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