Bullet Journal 2018

I haven’t shared images of my bullet journal for a long time…mainly because it tends to get a bit messy and doesn’t look pretty in pictures!

But I’m still a huge fan of the concept of bullet journaling and I’m getting mine ready for 2018. The main thing that appealed to me initially was the idea of keeping everything in one place – my diary, work lists, plans, ideas and information. Rather than lots of notebooks and random bits of paper I could keep everything together!

My first attempt wasn’t great. The blogs I read about “how to start a bullet journal” suggested numbering pages and having an index to make it easy to find things. This didn’t work for me at all and I wasted a lot of time flicking back and fourth through that note book!

I think it’s about finding what works for you – and for me that’s a filofax. I can section things off with dividers and easily remove/add in pages so it’s really flexible. Whilst juggling two jobs it has been invaluable.

I have a diary section with monthly spreads so I can see at glance what I’m doing both socially and with work.

A freelance section where I have a monthly plan, weekly plans and then more detailed lists for each week. As you can see I haven’t planned much for next year yet!

I like having an overview showing my focus for each month/week. It gives me structure and keeps me motivated.

Most of my designing happens in seperate sketchbooks – but I get small ones that slot into my filofax so that everything is still together.

I have a home section which includes meal plans, wedmin, crop rotation planning and diy plans.

And finally contacts and info…which is just two pages of things I forget (such as my car reg!).

My bujo is fairly simple – but I love it! After initially getting a bit overwhelmed by all of the “how to” information, I’ve definitely found what works for me.

And I do love an excuse to use stickers!

2 thoughts on “Bullet Journal 2018

  1. I’m inspired Jem! I am going to be working for myself in 2018, having just resigned from a role I was not particularly happy in, and I really think I need to start something similar. I have a new ‘Planner’ so I think I’ll try using that. Thanks for the inspiration, and here is to a great 2018!

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