Back to Reality 2018

I just re-read my “Roll on 2017” blog and I’d completely forgotten how rubbish the end of 2016 was! I broke the oven, accidentally de-frosted the freezer, the washing machine flooded the utility room (again) and we had to cancel a holiday because Noodle broke his foot!

I’m glad that I had a more relaxed end to 2017…but I do think I would have been more equipped to deal with things going pear-shaped now that I’m not juggling two jobs.

I’ve always believed in giving myself a money “buffer” in case the boiler breaks or the roof caves in (I live in an old house…), but it’s equally important to have a time buffer. If every minute of every day is fully booked and planned out then what happens when things go wrong?

In 2018 I want to allow more time for “life admin”. The first big project I’m keen to focus on is minimalism – there are some rooms/areas of the house that we haven’t tackled yet. Also – clearing out stuff and getting rid of storage means I’m seeing all the areas that need re-decorating…so there’s lots to do and I’m really looking forward to having time to do it.

I’ve already painted a few walls and started putting up picture shelves which will be more flexible and make it easier to let go of old pictures when I introduce new.

My main plan for 2018 is to plan less! I love having a plan and a list of goals so I’m finding this really difficult! But I’ve given myself a basic weekly structure and a list of things I “could” do this year rather than a list of goals I “should” meet this year.

Whenever I find myself getting too busy I’m going to remind myself of what my real priorities are. The Minimalists point out that your “real priorities” are the things you actually do each day. So I might say that getting 8 hours sleep every night is a priority but then stay up late every night browsing Pinterest…so in reality I’m making Pinterest a priority above sleep.

I was really excited about 2017 because of the launch of Cute Comfort Knits and lots of other exciting things… but it was so busy I feel like I blinked and missed it! I’m equally excited about 2018… I don’t have as many concrete plans and I intend to savour every minute.

Hello 2018….I’m looking forward to seeing what you bring x


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