Capsule Wardrobe – take 2

The new year marked the end of my first attempt at a capsule wardrobe and the start of my second attempt!

Project 340 was always intended to be a practice run at Project 333 where you dress with just 33 items for 3 months. I struggled initially to narrow my wardrobe down to 33 items so my practice challenge became 40 items for 3 months. Find out more about the rules and what I included here.

I learnt a lot from restricting my wardrobe for three months. And after finishing I managed to clear out another bag full of clothes from those I have “stored” under the bed.

Lesson 1: I enjoyed it!

I actually like having a limited wardrobe! It’s not about deprivation – it’s actually the opposite.

Having a capsule wardrobe means I have more time because I’m not wasting as much time thinking about what to wear.

It also means I have more money! I didn’t do my usual thing of thinking I must buy something new for Christmas parties or to wear on Christmas day. I made do with what I had and I now don’t have another dress I never wear sitting in the wardrobe. Win-win!

I knew that streamlining my wardrobe would be great long-term, but I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it straight away.

Lesson 2: I got the balance of going out clothes to casual clothes completely wrong!

When planning my project 340 I made a list of everything I do – such as work meetings, working at home, meals out with friends, walking, nipping to the post office etc etc.

That helped me to see that most of my activities require casual and comfy outfits. So that’s what I focused on…with a few outfits for work meetings and going out.

What I didn’t think about was…where do I want more choice?

When I’m working at home or going for walks or lunch locally – it really doesn’t matter if I wear the same thing all the time! Obviously I need enough choice so that I don’t need to do the washing every day – but wearing the same few outfits every week is fine by me.

But only giving myself the choice of a few outfits for going out leads me onto my next lesson…

Lesson 3: I get bored after 2 months!

After a while I really missed having more options. Although when I thought about what I would wear if all my “storage” clothes were still in the wardrobe…I still drew a blank.

This for me has reinforced that restricting my wardrobe is the right thing to do. When I have these moments of “I have nothing to wear!” I’m going to write down what I would want to wear in an ideal world – if I could just click my fingers and be wearing anything I wanted. And those are the garments I need to make!

In the meantime – to avoid getting bored I’m going to tweak my capsule wardrobe again in two months.

My new capsule wardrobe for January and February is 33 items (project 233!). I have included:

3 x skirts



4 x tops

2 x cardigans

4 x jumpers

4 x dresses


Ankle boots

Knee high boots




2 x necklaces



2 x coats

2 x pairs of earrings

The majority of my wardrobe has stayed the same – but I have taken some bits out and tried to include more nice tops to wear when I go out which would also work with lounge pants when working at home!

I’ve also not included leggings in my count this time. I only really wear leggings with skirts/dresses that are a bit short for tights so I decided to class them as underwear.

Has anyone else tried Project 333? I’d love to hear how you got on!

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