Scout Tee

I’m three weeks into my All Things Creative dressmaking course with the fantastic Deirdre Robbins…and I’ve finished the Scout Tee! (Apologies for the slightly blurry photo – we didn’t get around to pics at the weekend so I had to do the selfie stick thing).I’ve sewn quite a lot of clothes in the past and even attended other dressmaking and pattern cutting courses. But a lot of what I’d learnt I’ve forgotten or just didn’t take in properly at the time – so I often end up ‘bodging’ things together.

This is the first thing I’ve made where I’m actually proud to show you the inside!

I learnt how to do french seams (properly!) and Deidre talked me through how to do a ‘faux french seam’ for the sleeve head. It’s not quite as beautiful as the french seam but it’s pretty nice and neat.

The Scout Tee pattern is really simple and easy to follow. I made the toile (practice version to check the fit) in a quilting cotton and it was too thick. This final version is a fairly light and very soft cotton from The Eternal Maker.

A cotton lawn would work beautifully so I’ll be keeping my eye out because I want to make more!

I’m really excited about making the Alder Shirtdress but I’m going to tackle the Trapeze Dress first. Wish me luck!

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