Capsule Wardrobe – Take 3

I started working towards a capsule wardrobe back in October last year with my Project 340 where I wore just 40 items for three months. It’s meant to be 33 items (Project 333)…but it was a practice run!

I tweaked things and restricted it down to 33 items for January and February (Project 233)…and now I feel ready to start building a slightly larger, ongoing capsule wardrobe.

Restricting what I wear has been great. I suppose it’s similar to having overindulged on cake for years, then cutting down on it or cutting it out completely for a while makes you really appreciate it… and maybe realise that you don’t need as much!

I’m looking forward to finishing the wardrobe diet and getting to the point where I can just maintain what I’ve achieved… but I’m not there just yet.

As I’m always making things it means I’m having to tweak things regularly. This is making me more mindful of what I’m making. I want my wardrobe to have a higher proportion of handmade items – so if I knit a new jumper then it has to do the job of another jumper and be a replacement rather than an addition to my wardrobe. So I started a plan for handmade replacements…

This is based on rules I created for an ongoing capsule wardrobe that I think will work for me – with the main wardrobe consisting of 30 Winter items and 30 Summer items which can be mixed and matched for the in-between seasons.

after living with such a restricted wardrobe for five months… having this many options is a bit overwhelming! So I might streamline it further – but it’s a good starting point that means less stuff stored under the bed and more choice in my wardrobe.

The rules:

  • Shoes x 10 pairs (not including walking boots, wellies & gardening shoes).
  • Bags & belts x10
  • Necklaces x 10
  • Earrings x10
  • Bracelets x10
  • Rings x5 (not including engagement ring).
  • Sunglasses x1
  • Gardening, DIY & sportswear must fit in one drawer.
  • Underwear must fit in one drawer.
  • Nightwear must fit in box.
  • Summer items x 30
  • Winter items x 30

I’ve also put all the hangers in my wardrobe backwards – when I wear something I will hang it back the right way so that I can see what I’m actually wearing the next time I re-asses.

I still have some clothes in ‘storage’ under the bed, but this is decreasing every time I create a new capsule. I think once I achieve my final capsule wardrobe and am just maintaining it (ie – one in, one out) then I’ll be okay with having a few things stored under the bed… but if I’ve not included them in my wardrobe for a year than they definitely need to go!

I’m really looking forward to going back to a 33 piece wardrobe in May for a Me-Made-May/ Project 333 mash-up!

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