A while ago I was in a quandary about what to cast on next. I had so many things I wanted to knit! And a good stash of yarn to knit from – so I asked you to tell me where to start.

It was a draw between Buttrick by Martin Storey and Mazarin by Kim Hargreaves. Thanks for helping me to narrow it down! As you’ve probably guessed from the blog title – I decided to start with Buttrick.

It’s a wide fitting jumper with a lot of cable and fisherman’s rib sleeves. So, even though Hemp Tweed is aran (ish) – it wasn’t super quick to knit. But definitely worth it!

I loved knitting with hemp tweed and it’s equally lovely to wear. It’s unbelievably warm & cosy so I’m disappointed that I didn’t have it ready earlier – but I heard a rumour we’re getting more snow at Easter… so I know what I’ll be wearing!

Yarn provided by Rowan

4 thoughts on “Buttrick

  1. Hi Jem! Your finished sweater is beautiful! 🙂 I’ve just started the Buttrick sweater and have decided to knit it in the round. I’m curious though… with the separate back and front in the pattern… how did you manage the cables that are on the seams? In the size I’m making (81-86cm – the smallest), the cables on the selvedge are sometimes split in half, with only the 3 stitches to the back on the left edge and the 3 other stitches not knit until the right edge. Any insight you can shed is appreciated! Thanks! Tara


    1. Hello Tara! I also knitted the smallest size and I ignored any cabling that would effect the last stitch so that it was plain for sewing up. If you’re having difficulties adjusting it to work in the round – maybe pop into the shop you bought your yarn and pattern from – they might be able to help. You might need to do one larger cable or two smaller cables at the sides :-).


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