Spring has Sprung

It’s been a very long winter with a few false starts where odd days have felt spring-like. But now the snow has cleared, the clocks have gone forward and this week has properly felt like spring!

After a winter of neglect, I’ve started pottering around the garden – enjoying the daffodils and crocuses and looking forward to eating the purple sprouting broccoli that’s just starting to peek out from in between the leaves.

I love this time of year when everything is growing and colour is coming back to the garden – I know that it will all look so different in just a few weeks.

As usual- I’ve got lots of plans for the garden this year… but I also want to do some work on the house so I don’t expect I’ll get it all done!

The priorities are building a step up to the wall that dad and I built last summer. It will replace the wobbly pile of bricks we’re currently using to step up to the patio area!

Flatio | Jem Weston blog

And the second priority is replacing the picket fencing around my fruit, veg and herb patches. It’s seen better days and the wood has rotted and broken in places. I want to start by building a cage for the strawberry patch but haven’t quite worked out the rest yet!

I’m also hoping for a good hydrangea year because they will be my wedding flowers! She’s got off to a good start so fingers crossed.

Happy Easter everyone x

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