Alder Shirtdress Toile

I was in the middle of making my final Trapeze dress in Anna Maria Horner fabric…but I was so excited about making a shirtdress that I abandoned it and made an Alder shirtdress!

As I had enough Anna Maria Horner fabric to make the Trapeze dress plus another- I decided to use that for the toile and I have some lightweight denim for the final dress.

It’s very much a summer dress and as we don’t have anywhere at home to take pictures of me wearing it… and it’s still too cold to venture out without sleeves and thick tights – I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a while before seeing pictures of me wearing it!

Alder Shirtdress front - Jem Weston blog

Based on the size guide I should have been making US size 6 for the top and size 10 for the hips. As it’s loose around the hips I opted for size 6. And it’s huge! It’s supposed to be a loose fitting style so I was expecting that, but I’m not sure whether to use my denim for this or maybe choose a more fitted style.

Alder shirtdress collar - Jem Weston blog

It will be perfect for me in the summer. Whenever we have a heatwave I always struggle to find something to wear! A lot of my dresses are man-made fibres so not breathable and all the cotton dresses I have are strappy beach dresses…not always appropriate. This dress is 100% cotton and loose-fitting so will be perfect and cool during a heatwave and will also look good with jeggings on a more typical British summer day.

I made the back section in one piece rather than two separate pieces with a yoke so that I wasn’t breaking up the pattern – and for the same reason I omitted the breast pockets.

Alder shirtdress back - Jem Weston blog

The collar was the most complicated thing I’ve done! I managed to put the collar stand the wrong way round which doesn’t matter too much – and also put the button band on the wrong side so it does up like a man’s dress!

Alder shirtdress collar - Jem Weston blog

Overall I’m pretty happy with it and can’t believe I managed a collar and fairly okay button holes! I really want to make a striped version like this one

That would definitely test my pattern matching skills – and would be the perfect summer dress!

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