Fabric Heaven

Since I started going to weekly sewing classes at All Thing Creative, I’ve been steadily working through my fabric stash. I also bought some denim online from Merchant & Mills and have spent a lot of time browsing online fabric shops!

But with fabric (as with yarn), I think it’s really important to see it in real life before choosing. However good images are – colours appear different on different screens. And how does it feel? Is it soft? What’s the drape like? Is it see-through?!

The denim I bought online is fine, but it’s darker than I thought and a heavier weight. It was going to become the final Alder Shirtdress– but I’m debating whether it’s too heavy for that – maybe it wants to be a skirt…

Merchant & Mills Denim and Alder Shirtdress pattern

Unfortunately we don’t have much choice for fabric in Nottingham and when I started planning a top to make for my wedding – I knew I would need to venture out of town to find the right thing.

A friend at sewing class had suggested a place in Birmingham – so me and a couple of friends had a fabric shopping day trip… and it was fabric heaven!

We started at The Fancy Silk Store and it was literally packed to the rafters with fabric. It was somewhat overwhelming to be honest! With 3 floors jam-packed with fabric, I knew that this would be the place to find fabric for my top. If you have a specific fabric/colour in mind it’s perfect – they have everything!

Beardie doesn’t want to see what I’m making for the wedding so I won’t share a pic of the fabric I bought… but here’s Rosie with some gorgeous mustard zebra fabric!

After a quick lunch stop we hopped on a bus to Moseley and spent the rest of the day at the beautiful Guthrie & Ghani.

I loved Lauren Guthrie on The Great British Sewing Bee and enjoy following Guthrie & Ghani on Instagram. I haven’t bought fabric from them online because I wanted to see it in real life first… and I wasn’t disappointed!

It’s such an inspirational shop with gorgeous fabrics. We literally spent hours there and I could have spent so much money! They have a lot of samples made up and it’s wonderful to see how the fabrics work with the patterns.

I was well behaved and just bought some more denim! I have something specific in mind for it and managed not to get side-tracked. There were so many other fabrics that I was tempted by but rather than re-building a fabric stash (that I’ve just got under control!) I’m going to buy fabric for one thing at a time and make sure I think carefully about how garments will fit into my capsule wardrobe.

Denim chambray from Guthrie GhaniAnd now that I’ve seen and fondled all the fabrics in real life I can order with confidence online… or have another road trip!

We also wanted to go to The People Shop which is about 15mins walk from Guthrie & Ghani, but we spent so long fabric shopping that we arrived just as they were pulling the shutters down. That definitely calls for another day out!

What’s your favourite fabric shop?

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