MMMay/Project 333 Mash-up!

May is nearly upon us – and do you know what that means?… it’s time for a Me Made May/Project 333 mash-up!

Me Made May is a great concept which encourages us makers to wear our handmade clothes. To take part you simply hop over to the So, Zo website and post your pledge in the comments section. If you wear a uniform for work you might want to just pledge to wear me-made items on your days off, or if you wear something handmade everyday anyway, you might want to really challenge yourself and wear ONLY handmade items throughout May.

Last time I took part in Me Made May, my aim was to start wearing things I had knitted which never saw the light of day! The challenge taught me that not all of those items were for me and many of them have now found new homes. I’m trying to be a lot cleverer about what I make now and the emphasis is on quality not quantity.

So my pledge is as follows…

I, Jem Weston of (@jemweston on instagram), sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’18. I endeavour to wear at least one me-made item each day of May 2018 as well as limiting my wardrobe to a capsule of 33 items in order to find new outfit combinations and to encourage me to put on ‘proper’ clothes when working at home!

Now that I’ve got used to having a slightly larger capsule wardrobe, I think I’m going to find the 33 items element of this the most challenging! Throughout March and April I have been living with 60 items of clothing plus limited (but plenty of) accessories, shoes etc. Out of the 60 items of clothing only 11 have been unworn throughout March and April so I feel like this is a good size ongoing capsule for me.

For Me Made May I will be back on the wardrobe diet and will be wearing just 33 items including shoes and accessories (eep!). So you can expect to see lots of repeated outfits… I’ll try and be creative.

I’ve recently been feeling the urge to shop! I’m hoping that going back to a very restricted wardrobe will remind me to enjoy what I have and encourage me to find new outfit combinations. One of the bonuses of a wardrobe diet is that you really appreciate those extra items when you reintroduce them. I’ll never take earrings for granted again!

If you’re planning to join me for the mash-up, here’s how I started my plan (excuse the messy scribbles)…

May weather can be unpredictable so I need to be prepared for cold and wet as well as hot and sunny… and everything in between! So I started by writing down the me-made items I was planning to include and working out rough ideas of outfits for different weather – including what shoes and other garments I would need to add to create complete outfits.

I than transferred all the items I’d written down onto a list and separated them out into categories. It came to 45 items! So then I crossed a few bits out and tweaked until I had my final list…

I find making a list away from the wardrobe is easier than making plans whilst looking at my clothes. It means you start with a blank page and add what you want – rather than looking at a full wardrobe and removing what you don’t want… which is particularly difficult when it’s already a capsule wardrobe! And remember – you don’t have to get rid of anything right now if you don’t want to! You can put things away and over time that helps to streamline (as long as you go back to the things you ‘put away’!).

There are only 11 me-made items on the list so you will definitely see some outfit repeats… but I’ll be trying to mix things up and that’s all part of the challenge!

I have also downloaded the Smart Closet app. It doesn’t work perfectly but it’s a good way of saving outfit ideas for those ‘I don’t know what to wear!’ days. And when you have a small capsule wardrobe – it really doesn’t take long to photograph your clothes and set up ‘looks’.

I hope to see some of you over on Instagram for some awkward me-made selfies… I’m excited!

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