MMMAY18 Inspiration

Last time I took part in me-made may I was wearing mostly knitted garments. I think I only had one sewn skirt and as most of my knitted garments are wool and May can be quite warm… it was tricky!

I was hoping that taking part this year would curb my shopping urges and inspire me to make. When going into a new season, and with a change of weather, it’s tempting to ‘refresh’ ones wardrobe by hitting the shops.

With the beautiful weather we’ve been having – I’ve been admiring (and somewhat jealous of) everyone’s gorgeous summer clothing… but finding myself thinking about what to make rather than what to buy. So me-made may is working (yay!), but the difficult thing to accept is that making clothes is a lot more time consuming than shopping for them so I can’t have my dream wardrobe instantly.

There are still lots of gaps in my handmade wardrobe and me-made may is a fantastic way to discover new patterns and see real people wearing them.

If I needed inspiration to make more swooshy skirts with pockets – there is plenty over on Instagram: @kateevadesigns @michelle.a.sews @cleocmc

Since making the Alder Shirtdress I’ve been looking for a more fitted shirtdress and I’m loving these: @rhiannonbrum @megthegrand @craftysooze

I’m not quite ready to make trousers… but aren’t these gorgeous?: @lauren.leigh @slipslipkate @erica.l.wald

I love my Scout Tee and it’s the perfect fit. But it’s a rather crumply fabric and the colour looks a bit boring with denim, so I’m keen to make a plain bright or light coloured one and definitely a patterned one. I’m loving these: @aimeeshermakes @kathleenbmur @sozoblog

And I’m also keen to make some summer dresses and floaty skirts & cami’s: @boxcarsewing @sarah_naomil718

I might struggle to limit myself to 33 items next year!

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