Me Made May 2018

Me Made May 2018 is over! I nearly didn’t make it… I had a couple of days in the final week where I was really struggling with the restricted wardrobe and was on the verge of giving up. My least favourite part is posting selfies every day! But recording it in pictures helped me to keep it up and I’m glad that I made it to the finish line!

My pledge was as follows:

I, Jem Weston of (@jemweston on instagram), sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’18. I endeavour to wear at least one me-made item each day of May 2018 as well as limiting my wardrobe to a capsule of 33 items in order to find new outfit combinations and to encourage me to put on ‘proper’ clothes when working at home!

I definitely achieved the above and, although I found it challenging, I really enjoyed taking part. The main challenge was the weather. We’ve had such a beautiful May that I would’ve been happy in strappy sun-dresses most days… but I don’t have any hand-made ones!

I also found the capsule wardrobe element challenging. Behind the scenes – I love living with a capsule wardrobe, but because I was sharing pictures I kept thinking that people must be bored of seeing the same outfits/garments repeated!

Here’s a round-up of my Me Made May:

I feel so inspired by this years challenge! I followed lots of new people on Instagram and discovered new patterns and places to buy fabric. I’m bubbling with ideas of what I want my capsule wardrobe to look like.

There are lots of projects in the pipeline for garments I want to tweak and things I want to make from scratch… lots of blogs to come!

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