Wardrobe Planning

I said last week that I was feeling very inspired as a result of Me Made May and that there were a few blogs on the subject in the pipeline… and here’s one already!

At the moment most of my free time is being used for wedding makes. But that doesn’t mean I can’t plan ahead!

The people I most enjoyed following on Instagram during Me Made May were the ones who had a ‘look’. The queen of this for me was @kateevadesigns.

All of these dresses are made from the Flora Dress pattern from By Hand London.

It makes sense to keep re-making a pattern once you’ve found a style that suits you. I once bought a Dorothy Perkins dress in three colours because the style was perfect for me! Finding a handful of patterns that work well for me and perfecting them (rather than flitting from one style to another) will definitely help with increasing the number of handmade items in my capsule wardrobe.

So first of all I need to decide on my ‘look’!

So far I’ve been making loose-fitting dresses. This comes from a fear of zips rather than a style choice! I already have a couple of dress patterns which I’ve been scared to tackle, but are much more the style I normally wear:

I think the Betty and Peony dresses would cover most occasions and seasons for me. But after a super warm May, I’m also craving some strappy summer dresses! I’m trying to choose between the Acton Dress by The Fold Line and the Rosie Dress by Sew Over It. The Acton is only available as a PDF so that’s swaying me towards Rosie!

I would love to wear pretty dresses everyday, but in reality I spend a lot of time in separates. I often work at home in lounge pants and a top, so that I can easily change into jeans, shorts or a skirt if I need to pop out.

So I’m planning to make a new improved denim circle skirt (and possibly a new patterned one).

And some new tops! In the winter I wear knitted jumpers with my jeans or tucked into a skirt. I want to knit some more summery cotton tops to wear with skirts and also sew more Scout Tee’s and some vest tops.

So… I have lots of plans and no free making time at the moment! But, like most things in life, my wardrobe is never ‘finished’. I will always want to be updating and tweaking it.

I have a capsule wardrobe that I’m happy with and Me Made May has given me the time I needed to plan the tweaks and replacements. I can’t wait to get started!

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