Quilt Love

I’m in the middle of making table runners for our wedding which I’m planning to make into a quilt afterwards. I’m sure the quilt won’t actually happen for years… but I’m really excited about the table runners! The fabrics are so beautiful I’m tempted to scrap my wedding outfit and wear a table runner.

Table runners/Quilt | Jem Weston blog

All this quilting made me think that a lot of you probably haven’t seen the first ‘proper’ quilt I made. It was the star of my third ever blog back in 2014 and I still love it just as much now. I even redecorated my bedroom to go with the quilt because I thought it deserved a nice room to live in!

Quilt Love | Jem Weston blog

I joined all the squares on the machine and then hand-quilted it over about a year… it was a labour of love.

Quilt Love | Jem Weston blog

The best decision I made was using cotton batting rather than the polyester wadding. It means it’s breathable but still a good extra layer when it’s cold. I think it gives it a nicer look as well… it’s less pouffy.

Quilt Love | Jem Weston blog

We use it most of the year. In the summer we have a sheet (or an empty duvet cover) with the quilt on top. Even when it’s super warm, it’s nice to have some weight and just a sheet isn’t always enough – so the quilt is perfect. In the winter we have a duvet, the quilt, a blanket and maybe hot-water bottles… it’s an old house!

Quilt Love | Jem Weston blog

When I do get round to quilting the table runners after the wedding I think I’ll have to go a step further than redecorating… we’ll have to move to a bigger house so that we can have a guest room and have both quilts out!

One thought on “Quilt Love

  1. How beautiful. I do love them. In Finland, we love quilts and we have quilt shows. I have made more than 12 quilt posts. Maybe our models / themes are same than elsewhere, but of course we have our own.

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