Veg Patch 2018 – Wins & Losses

Well it’s been a somewhat different year for gardening!

First the snow meant a slow start, then everything went a bit wild with the sunshine & showers and now we’re suffering from a serious lack of rain.

The result for me is a mixture of success and failure… but it was a “cram loads in and see what happens” kinda year anyway!

Veg patch - small garden

It’s the first year that I’ve grown a few things in pots on my bench and the carrots are looking good. I’m gradually thinning them out and checking the size…they’re still teeny at the moment.

We had a lot of spinach but then some sort of pest got them. I’m not sure what it was, but the leaves had tiny white eggs underneath and then they went translucent. I cut them back to nothing and they’re back… but so are the pests!

Veg patch - small gardenI’ve only just got flowers on my tomatoes! I squeezed them into a spot where I don’t think they’re getting enough light. But fingers crossed for a handful of tomatoes!

Veg patch - small gardenThe squash and courgette really are squeezed into a corner… and suffering from it! One squash plant died quite quickly and the other is small with no flowers. The courgette plants have only had male flowers so no fruit. I’ll leave them in their little dry, dark corner and see what happens. They’re quite promiscuous so I was hoping for a courgette/squash hybrid!

Veg patch - small garden

We’ve had zillions of raspberries, but the plants are looking a bit unhealthy in the cramped conditions. The autumn fruiting raspberry is getting ready…

Veg patch - small gardenThe blueberry bush is now completely covered by raspberry plants so I’m going to move him in the autumn.

Strawberries haven’t been so good…

Veg patch - small garden

We had some decent ones – which I was happy about because I wasn’t expecting any this year. But pretty much all of the plants are now dead. I originally planted my strawberry patch about 9 years ago and since then have had lots of new plants growing from runners. But other than a bit of liquid feed, I haven’t added anything to the soil so I’ve decided to dig it all up, add in some compost and start from scratch with new plants next year.

The herb patch is also pretty wild, messy and in some places dead! We haven’t been using the herbs much because they’re difficult to get to – so it’s definitely time to move things around a bit and potentially make a bit more space for veg.

Veg patch - small garden

I think I’ll just enjoy the crazy wildness for now and move things in late summer/early autumn.

Veg patch - small garden

After a slow start, the parsnips have got going. Apparently they’re notoriously bad at germinating but I’ve ended up with ten plants from half a pack of seeds, so I’m pretty pleased with that. You can see the early potatoes in the edge of this photo – I’m looking forward to lifting some of those soon… I haven’t had a peek yet though so they might still be small.

How’s your garden doing?

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