All New Knit Nottingham

Have you seen the all new Knit Nottingham? It’s gorgeous!

The shop was closed  for a top secret makeover as part of a tv programme competition. It’s still semi-secret until it’s on tv…

They’ve done a fantastic job of incorporating a lot of fixtures that were already in the shop, but covering them with plywood, tiles or painting them. It brings everything together and the use of wood makes the shop feel warmer and cosier.

There are lots of lovely little display areas and they’ve also increased the storage space by taking fixtures right up to the ceiling with cupboards at the base (you can see the side of a fixture behind the community blanket in the image above).

The back of the shop is now blocked off by an old fixture on it’s side with display shelves facing into the shop. Although this makes the shop slightly shorter it makes it a nicer shape and turns a slightly awkward long narrow bit into really handy stock storage!

I’m a huge fan of the new rug which makes your eyes go a bit funny and reminds me of the Moody Blanket.

The main yarn display is in cardboard tubes!

Eleanor was brave handing over her lovely little shop to strangers… but she’s so happy with the results and I’m not surprised! If you can’t pop in in person – you can see a full tour on the Knit Nottingham vlog here and you can shop online with Knit Nottingham here.

Eleanor might need a bigger shelf for all the awards…


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