Candle Making

It’s less than three weeks to our wedding and we’re very lucky to have lovely friends helping us with the finishing touches!

Last weekend we had another pom-pom party and we’re well on our way to having enough poms to adorn the village hall.

This was a pom-pom party with a difference because it also included candle making.

We’ve been collecting peanut butter jars since we got engaged, but have struggled to find the ‘perfect’ simple candle to fit in said jars. Beardie then remembered that our friend Adam used to make his own candles… so we invited the expert round to help!

Beardie was in charge of project candle and got all the essential apparatus together – including wicks, glue dots to stick them to the jars and a funnel for pouring the wax in.

After sticking the wicks down, we held them in position with clothes pegs.

You can use a bain marie to melt the wax but we used an old bowl over a pan of boiled water (and then threw out the bowl afterwards). We also added some vanilla essential oil just before pouring.

The main issue we had was the wicks coming away from their metal base. This led to some rather wibbly and not central wicks… but hey – they’re homemade!

We’re really happy with our slightly wibbly simple candle jars and love that our friends are helping with our celebration! Thank-you Adam and team candle/pom-pom!

Now I suppose I should get my outfit finished… eek!


3 thoughts on “Candle Making

  1. The wedding is going to be amazing! But child, hearing about all this activity is making me tired! It’s nice to see a couple who are having a wedding, not an extravaganza. Beautiful memories being made. Mosel Tov!


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