Wedding Cardigan

Quite a few of you have been asking whether I finished my wedding cardigan in time and whether I wore it while we were on honeymoon. The answer to both of those questions is unfortunately no!

Kim Hargreaves Lilac cardigan from Breeze

When I put a post on Instagram saying that I was admitting defeat, a very kind follower emailed me and offered to post me her version of the cardigan from Denmark to borrow for the the day… knitters are just so lovely!

I admitted defeat partly because it would’ve meant a lot of late nights running up to the wedding in order to get it finished, partly because I wasn’t expecting to need it as the weather had been so warm… but largely because it didn’t actually look good with my wedding top. So I turned down the kind offer of a loan and decided to just go without.

Jem Weston - wedding cardigan. Lilac by Kim Hargreaves from Breeze

I knew how the cardigan would turn out, and I had a picture in my mind of the top. But as I mentioned in my wedding top blog… it had evolved over time! I was happy with the shape and fit of the top, but it wasn’t exactly how I’d planned it. It was more fitted and the neckline sat higher than I intended – and it was the neckline that looked odd with the cardigan.

I finished the top two weeks before the wedding and at that point I had finished the main body of the cardigan, joined the shoulder seams (with three needle cast off), knitted the neck edge and blocked the main body (minus sleeves) – so I could try it on with the top and skirt.

The general fit was nice and the fancy edging sat in the right place on the waist of the skirt/top, but the neckline of the cardigan sat below that of the top and looked odd. I also wasn’t keen on the combination of the beading on the top and the lace of the cardigan. It was all a bit too fancy for me! Again – the beading was something that had evolved as I made the top… if I’d had an exact plan for the top then I probably would’ve chosen a different pattern for the cardigan.

I don’t mind that I didn’t get it finished for the wedding or even for the honeymoon. We had ten days in Cumbria and I was definitely sensing early Autumn. I only have the sleeve heads left to knit so I could’ve easily finished it while we were away… but I was desperate to cast on something a bit more woolly (and a lot more teal!).

I’ve got plans to sew some new dresses and skirts for next summer and my wedding cardigan will be perfect with them. Can I still call it a wedding cardigan?!

I’m planning to finish knitting the sleeves and then put it into hibernation to sew up next Spring. I love sewing up so it’ll be lovely to have all the pieces ready to join!

2 thoughts on “Wedding Cardigan

  1. I agree, the sweater and the top were not a good match. Hey, it’s your wedding year and your time. Looking forward to seeing the sweater in the Spring. Sometimes, less is more.

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